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Pet Safety in the Car

I have been away from blogging for the past few days. I really missed being here on WordPress. Glad I am back.

Today I am featuring more about the safety of our pets. How do we keep them safe in the car?

Dogs look so adorable with their ears flapping out the car window. We feel a camaraderie with our pet as they ride with us, even sitting on our laps while we drive. This can be dangerous, not only for ourselves, but for our dog, as well. Some dogs climb all over the vehicle and us, it is a distraction from safe, defensive driving. If we were to get in an accident, our pet could be injured or killed as they fly around the vehicle. I have always been adamant about buckling up, the rule in my vehicle is to wear your seatbelt. The same should be true for our four legged family members.

Here is Anu in her booster seat. She was nervous the first couple of times. Then she started to realize it isĀ fun when we take her out, so she does not really mind now.



Animal Planet has a good list of 5 options to keep our dogs safe when traveling in the car:

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