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The Invading Balloon

Anu the Cockapoo: The Invading Balloon

Anu is not happy with this “invader” in her home, a simple balloon. Funny video.


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Social Play

Anu’s un-social behavior until recently has been based on her extreme shyness. She typically holds back, hides behind me, and barks or cries and will not let people pet her. You can only imagine how happy I was that she played with Holly, a Cavapoo, today in her training class. She is becoming more and more comfortable in public.

She is trusting humans more now, as well. Our trainer was able to take her leash while Anu listened to commands. She even took a treat from the other pup’s human and allowed her to pet her.


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Social and Behavioral Progress

Anu used to be super shy and very anxious in public and/or social scenarios. She would pull away from the vet and vet assistants, pee on them, and cry a lot. Meeting other people and dogs really stressed her out.

Today was our best vet visit ever. She was well behaved and happy to see the staff. Anu did not cry when they took her back for tests. When the vet returned with her she said she is perfect…perfectly healthy, perfectly well behaved in public, socializing quite well. (And she did not pee on them.)

Through consistency in bringing her in public and also training and her classes, she is now just a wee bit shy still, but will greet familiar people in public and then warms up to unfamiliars when given a couple of minutes to get comfortable. Anu loves the vet and other dogs and puppies (no matter how big or small).
She begs to ride in the car and go places. She has fun in her puppy classes; when she first started she hid under my chair or sat on my lap for 3 weeks, now she sniffs around for a few minutes and has even played with other pups the last couple of times. She is now in the intermediate level class and is doing quite well. Is learning to “heel,” has improved with “coming when called”, and “stay”.

She loves the PetSmart classes and our PetSmart trainer, btw. 🙂

She still gets very protective and nervous when known or unknown visitors come to the house. So, we will continue to work on that. She has never attacked it tried to bite anyone, just barks a lot and stands or lays between the visitor and myself.

Anu was under 4 pounds at 8 weeks old. She is now 19.8 pounds. And in great condition and health.

This is how happy she was at the vet today:



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Anu Loves the Car Wash

I thought Anu was going to be so nervous and anxious going through the car wash. She loved it. She looks so happy and cute, having fun all strapped into her car safety seat.



I should take a video next time.

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Pet Safety at the Beach

Anu has been to the beach about 3 times. The first 2 times she was really nervous. The last time she was ready to explore. We use her harness and leash. It is safer for puppy when using a proper restraint. We have jellyfish that wash up; this particular day, there was construction equipment, and other dogs, as well as a strong undertow in cold-ish water. We brought her a portable water bottle and dish and poop bags. It is easy for a 19 pound exploring and active puppy to get dehydrated and they always want to poop when you least expect them to. 😉

She had fun. And was excited to play on the edge of the foam with her family’s day out at the beach.

IMG_2904 IMG_2910 DSCN0818

DSCN0810 DSCN0808 DSCN0775 DSCN0784 DSCN0792 DSCN0805




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9 Weeks Old

These pics are one week after Anu joined our family. 

August 5, 2013:

She still sleeps like this:



Look at those cute pink paws with black spots:



She ventured her way to my desk to help shop online:



Princess Anu:



She buried her face in my purse when it was storming, she was a little nervous, but now she plays in the rain:



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Coming Home

At eight weeks old, my son and I picked up Anu to bring her home, we fell instantly in love with her. 

Anu was so tiny, only 3.8 pounds.

pictures taken:

July 29, 2013


The car ride made her a little nervous. 



She eventually settled down and fell asleep.ImageImage





Who could resist that adorable face and sweet eyes? I know I cannot. ❤


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