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My Local Humane Society


My local Humane Society is an exceptional facility. They truly are humane in all senses of the word.  It is the only open access shelter for about 120 miles that does not euthanize animals when the facility becomes overcrowded. No animal is ever turned away for any reason.


It is run independently from any national welfare or humane organization with no financial assistance from these groups; so, it receives support exclusively from the community. We are supported by our two thrift store locations also; accepting donations for resale in the shops, with proceeds going to the shelter. We organize annual events in the community that raises awareness and funds; these events include the Mutt March, Charity Masquerade Dance Party, and Paws and Claws Gala.

Our foster program is another way in which the community helps us with the overcrowding and health needs of animals that are not ready for adoption.

As well, as providing outreach to the community to spay/neuter their pets. The Humane Society gives back to the community that supports us by providing humane education and pet therapy programs including:

Paws to Read, an award-winning literacy program that gives children the opportunity to read to a trained therapy dog.  Paws to Read is a proven program that improves reading practice, fluency, reading comprehension and self-esteem.

Pawsitive Interaction, a therapeutic approach that brings animals and children with special needs together.

Paws to Love, our trained Pet Therapy teams bring wet noses and big smiles all around on regular visits to residents of senior centers, nursing homes and the hospital.

Pawsitive Healing, a therapeutic approach that brings animals and people with psychological/cognitive disabilities together with the intent of facilitating an individual’s progress towards therapeutic goals.

Pet Loss Support, gently guides people through the grieving process of losing a pet.

Each adoption includes sterilization (spay or neuter), an overall wellness check, age-appropriate vaccinations including rabies, first de-worming of hookworms and roundworms, microchip and registration, heartworm test for dogs (six months and older), feline leukemia test for cats, free 30 days of pet insurance, $5 off pet food and $30 off one dog obedience class.

We also take in other small animals such as bunnies and guinea pigs.


The web address for my local Humane Society is:

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Social and Behavioral Progress

Anu used to be super shy and very anxious in public and/or social scenarios. She would pull away from the vet and vet assistants, pee on them, and cry a lot. Meeting other people and dogs really stressed her out.

Today was our best vet visit ever. She was well behaved and happy to see the staff. Anu did not cry when they took her back for tests. When the vet returned with her she said she is perfect…perfectly healthy, perfectly well behaved in public, socializing quite well. (And she did not pee on them.)

Through consistency in bringing her in public and also training and her classes, she is now just a wee bit shy still, but will greet familiar people in public and then warms up to unfamiliars when given a couple of minutes to get comfortable. Anu loves the vet and other dogs and puppies (no matter how big or small).
She begs to ride in the car and go places. She has fun in her puppy classes; when she first started she hid under my chair or sat on my lap for 3 weeks, now she sniffs around for a few minutes and has even played with other pups the last couple of times. She is now in the intermediate level class and is doing quite well. Is learning to “heel,” has improved with “coming when called”, and “stay”.

She loves the PetSmart classes and our PetSmart trainer, btw. 🙂

She still gets very protective and nervous when known or unknown visitors come to the house. So, we will continue to work on that. She has never attacked it tried to bite anyone, just barks a lot and stands or lays between the visitor and myself.

Anu was under 4 pounds at 8 weeks old. She is now 19.8 pounds. And in great condition and health.

This is how happy she was at the vet today:



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Dog First Aid Kit

The infographics below show some good items to have on hand for your pet in case of emergencies. A DIY kit insures that you will have everything you might need. I have also posted some very good ready-made kits on the market, as well. They come in very basic packs starting around $20 on up to fully stocked packs costing as much as $90. Available online at many sites, your local pet supply stores, and even your local Humane Society. You could even add the extra items listed below if they are not included in the prepackaged kits.


This kit is available throughout the ASPCA Online Store






And from

The DogGoneIt Kit for Dogs:


The Bow Ow Dog First Aid Kit:


The First Aid Kit for Pets:



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April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Click pic for link to more information and a helpful video with pet expert Marc Morrone and Dr. Nick Stinas explaining the ABCs of pet safety.

National Animal Poison Control Center (800-548-2423)

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Anu was so good at the vet the last couple of visits. And seemed actually happy to be there. She now greets the girls at the reception desk and jumps right up onto the scale. She sat very patiently for the vet once we got into the exam room. 



Anu eventually got bored waiting for the vet to come in:



Then we took a puppy “selfie”:




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Anu Waits so Patiently at the Vet

Anu is being really well behaved at the vet today.
Look at that happy face.


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